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26 06 2017.  Procurement Update
Procurement Pulse June 2017
Monthly update of procurement case law and other relevant intelligence for procurement practitioners.
06 02 2017.  Intellectual Property and Technology News
China data protection update (January 2017)
Guidance on who is a “key information infrastructure operator” under the PRC Cybersecurity Law, and draft regulations on handling minors’ data.
02 02 2017.  Intellectual Property and Technology News
Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is a massive opportunity, but triggers some risks which cannot be sorted through over-regulations that might damage the market.
31 01 2017.  Cybersecurity Law Alert
How privacy consent might change with new European ePrivacy rules
The draft EU ePrivacy Regulation might have a considerable impact on privacy compliance obligations relating to new technologies.
17 01 2017.  Cybersecurity Law Alert
Swiss-US Privacy Shield Adopted, Aligns with EU-US Privacy Shield
The Department of Commerce International Trade Administration and Swiss Federal Council announced the creation of a Swiss-US Privacy Shield framework.