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Sourcing Reference Guide

Our award-winning global technology and sourcing team is pleased to introduce the Sourcing Reference Guide; our guide to conducting successful sourcing transactions.

This guide collates current best practices and thinking from our global team across a range of sourcing transactions, including ITO, AD/AM, BPO, F&A, HRO, FM, infrastructure, networks, and others. It will expand in due course to cover many more sourcing transactions. Moreover, variations in approach and considerations between geographical regions are specifically highlighted underlining our global team's expertise.

The Sourcing Reference Guide enables you to identify and resolve the key issues involved in your sourcing transaction, helping you to achieve a commercially robust and successful, long-term partnership.
Each month we will post new chapters on our Global Sourcing Portal, building up the guide.

Available chapters

Chapter 1 - Sourcing structures

Chapter 2 - Sourcing agreement structures

Chapter 3 - The services description
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Chapter 4 - Offshoring

Chapter 5 - Timing, delivery and delay
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Chapter 6 - Service levels

Chapter 7 - Service credits

Chapter 8 - Charging models

Chapter 9 - Tax

Chapter 10 - Benchmarking and continuous improvement

Chapter 11 - Compliance

Chapter 12 - Data protection

Chapter 13 - TUPE and employee issues

Chapter 14 - Termination triggers

Chapter 15 - Exit management

Chapter 16 - Subcontracting

Chapter 17 - Secondary Sourcing: Contract renewal, insourcing, and retendering

Chapter 18 - Governance

Chapter 19 - Intellectual Property

Chapter 20 - Dispute Resolution

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