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The digital evolution of tech and sourcing: Announcing our series of concise webinar trainings

New technologies are helping businesses expand and grow, bringing with them a host of associated legal risks and commercial impacts. To help you navigate these rapidly evolving issues, our Global Tech and Sourcing team is launching a series of concise training webinars looking at the digital evolution of tech and sourcing.

These training sessions will be opened to registered users one at a time in the coming weeks. Find out more about the individual webinars below and register now to be the first to receive the links.

Embracing Digital Evolution: Our new business report

With new and emerging technologies redefining what's possible, businesses can't afford to merely transform. They must continuously evolve digitally.

“We’re all in this together” – key stakeholders join together to form connectivity alliance

It is 5 years since the Digital Economy Act 2017 came into force in December 2017 which implemented significant changes to the Electronics Communications Code (“ECC”) into law. The revised ECC dramatically changed the balance of power between the various stakeholders and there has been significant case law produced as a consequence. All of the... Continue Reading…

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In defence of synthetic data: how synthetic data can be used as a privacy-enhancing technique during the early stages of an AI system’s lifecycle 

Synthetic data is a subject (at least for the uninitiated) encircled in a layer of scepticism and uncertainty. While synthetic data has existed for some time, the manner in which it is being utilised has evolved substantially. As with all novel implementations of technology, there are always teething problems and it takes time to develop... Continue Reading…

War, Coups and Hurricanes – Exiting long-term services contracts when conditions change

When entering a long-term services contract, the prospect of future political or environmental changes affecting performance will not be the parties’ primary focus. However, circumstances can change quickly and without warning, particularly in what may be regarded as more challenging jurisdictions. Whether due to regime change, civil unrest, military action, extreme weather events or the... Continue Reading…

Thaler Shut Down: High Court of Australia confirms AI incapable of being an “inventor”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly relevant and important role in our lives.  Be it through your personal devices, streaming platforms or the production of vaccines, our symbiotic relationship with AI is unquestionable. This rapid rise in the use of AI raises challenging questions for patent law: are AI-created technologies patentable and should AI... Continue Reading…