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The digital evolution of tech and sourcing: Announcing our series of concise webinar trainings

New technologies are helping businesses expand and grow, bringing with them a host of associated legal risks and commercial impacts. To help you navigate these rapidly evolving issues, our Global Tech and Sourcing team is launching a series of concise training webinars looking at the digital evolution of tech and sourcing.

These training sessions will be opened to registered users one at a time in the coming weeks. Find out more about the individual webinars below and register now to be the first to receive the links.

Embracing Digital Evolution: Our new business report

With new and emerging technologies redefining what's possible, businesses can't afford to merely transform. They must continuously evolve digitally.

Art(ificial intelligence) imitates life: IP infringement risks presented by Generative AI

In recent weeks, generative AI platforms, such as Chat GPT-4, DALL.E 2, and Stable Diffusion, have made headlines for a number of reasons. Many have questioned the impact this technology will have on business, education, and the creative sectors, and the potential benefits it may bring. Others have considered the potential risks of the technology... Continue Reading…

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ChatGPT and competition law: Initial thoughts and questions

Probably even the chatbot ChatGPT[1] would be “surprised” to see how many new articles, essays, blogposts, personal posts and videos discuss issues around AI, and specifically, generative AI. In this blogpost we’re not going to try to fully explore the various legal aspects of AI. We want to focus on one narrow intersection: between generative... Continue Reading…

Project Gigabit: Winter Update 2022

In January 2023, DLA Piper published a further update in its series on Project Gigabit (“Project”), exploring the progress made by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (“DCMS”) up to the end of Autumn 2022 towards national coverage of gigabit-capable broadband. Further detail on the overall Project can be found in DLA Piper’s... Continue Reading…

Navigating the Open Insurance landscape: A legal perspective for 2023

Open Insurance: A definition Open Insurance is a way for insurance companies and other players in the insurance sector to share personal and non-personal data, usually via standardized and interoperable APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) (EIOPA, 2021). They can then use that data to create new products and services and improve existing ones. Open Insurance data... Continue Reading…