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The Contract Dashboard is an interactive, web-based contract assessment and reporting tool.  The Outsourcing Contract Dashboard helps provide a simple, visual answer to the question "how good is this contract?" 


  • Facilitate detailed yet simple outsourcing contract assessments
  • Ensure that new outsourcing contracts are aligned with a client’s risk profile
  • Enable benchmarking of outsourcing contracts against our view of the industry standard
  • In the context of competitive procurements, the Outsourcing Contract Dashboard can simplify the process of evaluating supplier responses to RFPs and of supplier mark-ups throughout negotiations
  • Facilitate visually intuitive contract training
  • Enable stakeholder briefings to explain progress in negotiations and to support recommendations as to whether or not a contract should be signed


The Dashboard with parent sliders

Contract Dashboard Parent Sliders

  Fast, objective contract analysis
  Simply adjust the 'children slider' values for each 'parent slider' so that the ‘Rating Criteria’ reflects the
  position taken in the contract you are assessing.

Contract Dashboard with Children Sliders

  A tailored solution
  Certain elements of the contract are likely to be more important to you than others. The Dashboard
  enables you to alter the weighting of children and parent sliders to align them with your requirements.

Slider weights editor

  Useful output - contract assessment summary and score
  Once you have completed your contract assessment, you simply print and save the final contract
  assessment summary which includes an overall weighted score.

Contract assessment pdf

The Contract Dashboard was ‘Highly Commended’ at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Awards. The FT said “Using a mixing desk-like graphic, the system rates the outcome of contracts against a client’s key requirements. It simplifies the process and reduces the time spent by both firm and client”.